Canary 751

Coming soon!


Q: When will "Canary 751" premiere?

A: We're not sure at this point! Animation takes a long time!


Q: How will it premiere? Online or in theaters?

A: It will initially premiere in film festivals, then online.

Q: What if I miss the film festival premiere? How can I see the film?

A: Depending on the deal we make with distributors, you might be able to catch it in select theaters (which we will keep you posted about!). Then later you will definitely be able to purchase it online.


Q: Are you hiring at this time? Can I join Team Canary?

A: We're not hiring at this time, but after preproduction is complete, we'll be looking for talented animators. We're looking for animators who are well-versed in Flash and After Effects, and who can animate frame-by-frame.




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